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"Latvijas Maiznieks" wheat bread "Galda" named most successful new product last year


The most successful new product in Latvia last year was wheat bread "Galda" produced by "Latvijas Maiznieks", newspaper "Dienas Bizness" reports today, based on a research carried out by "The Nielsen Company"

In Lithuania, sour cream "Rokiskio Tikra Grietine" was named the most successful new product last year, whereas in Estonia the title went to the "Pils alus" beer from "A.Le Coq".

The best new product was selected based on sales results and consumers' opinion, "Nielsen Latvia" head Iveta Pukse explains.

In the category of dairy products, "Rikgas piena kombinats" dairy company's "Ekselence de Luxe" ice cream was named the most successful product, cured sausage "Ramata Extra" produced by "Ramata" was named best meat product, and "Cesu nefiltretais" beer the best beer.

"NP Foods" cookies "Selga" with maple syrup flavor was named the best in the snacks group, and "Pedro Pizza" with ham and chicken - the best frozen product. "Milda KM" sour sauce with pineapples was named the best product in the sauce and spices category.

The title of best new product in 2011 was also awarded to coffee beans "Merrilid Red", "Nestea" ice tea with tropical fruit flavor, pasta "Golmak Lux Pasta Familiare", shampoo "Elvital Arginine Resist x3", and others.