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Liepaja Karosta Prison included on the list of CNN journalist’s top ten all-time "craziest" travel moments


Longtime travel writer and co-host of “World Travels”, a 40-episode TV series aired on National Geographic Adventure and Travel Channel, Julia Dimon, admits that visit to the popular Latvian tourism destination – Liepaja Karosta Prison was one of her top ten all-time craziest travel moments.

 “In Karaosta Prison tourists pay to be treated like prisoners,” points out Dimon.

Dimon spent a night in this former active prison where she was subjected to a mock interrogation, yelled at, pushed around, forced to clean a dirty latrine with a toothbrush, and stand in stress positions.

Ultimately, she slept there overnight on a wooden plank in one of the cells.

“Sure, the guards were just acting but, in this authentic setting, it felt very real and gave me a taste of what life must have been like for the detainees. It was a creepy, comfortless experience … and I loved every minute!,” said Dimon.

Other Dimon’s adventures included getting infected with malaria in Tanzania and eating humongous deep-fried scorpion in Beijing.