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Ligatne paper mill village awarded Europe’s most excellent tourism destination in Latvia


Ligatne paper mill has been awarded Europe’s most excellent tourism destination in Latvia in 2011. The competition was organized by Latvian Economy Ministry and Tourism Development State Agency within the framework of the European Commission’s project EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence).

EDEN Project Manager in Latvia, Armands Muiznieks, is convinced that Ligatne could attract not only local residents, but also tourists from all over Europe.

„Ligatne possesses unique and specific cultural-historical and industrial legacy that is still alive and authentic,” emphasizes Muiznieks.

Ligatne paper mill, which continues to operate in its old premises, and laborers’ villages, which are still populated, are part of a picturesque environment.

Ligatne, as the winner of the competition, will be promoted in local and foreign media.  A video about the town will also be shown during the project’s closing event at the European Tourism Forum.

Last year, the competition’s theme was “Tourism and Water Resources”. Several interesting and exciting ideas were submitted by various Latvian cities – Ventspils, Valmiera, Engure, Dundaga, and Jurmala, who won the competition. Their videos are available at http://www.tava.gov.lv/en/videos .