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Local apples come on sale at retail outlets in Latvia

 | Nozare.lv

A wide assortment of Latvia-grown apples is now on sale at various retail outlets throughout Latvia, "Nozare.lv" was informed by retailers.
Today, the supermarket chain "Maxima" starts selling the local "Doc Melbi" apples, supplied by "Baltijas darzeni".

This year's harvest is quite average. Even though the apple-trees in some farms and gardens are almost unable to withstand the weight of their fruits, some other regions have barely seen any apples at all, explains "Maxima Latvija" press secretary Ivars Andins.
Initially, the local apples will be available in "Maxima XXX" stores, however, as the supply grows, they will also be sold in "Maxima XX" and "Maxima X" stores throughout the country.

"Rigas Centraltirgus" Marketing Director Ivars Jakovels points out that the Riga Central Market also offers around ten apple varieties. Their price ranges from LVL 0.30 per kilogram to LVL 1 per kilogram.