• Lielezers

Lunch with a view of the city or sunset over the sea


It might have the best chef in the kitchen, interior created by a fashionable architect, or a jazz pianist and improvisational virtuoso – every restaurant or bar will claim that it is unique, and quite often this is true.

However, if you are looking for a cocktail lounge in the sky, then Riga’s “Skyline Bar” is the most obvious choice. Its uniqueness is undisputable, located on the 26th floor of “Radisson Blu Hotel”, featuring the best view in the city.

“Skyline Bar” offers its guests delicious cocktails, hors d’ouevres and a fantastic view of Riga’s boulevards, Old Town, the River Daugava and the entire panorama of the city.

“Skyline Bar” attracts young, modern people from various countries - a wonderful place to enjoy Riga’s nightlife. During the weekend, the bar also features the best DJs of Riga.

There are several excellent restaurants in Riga with impressive city views with unexpected angles. The elegant “Bellevue”, located on the 11th floor of Riga’s Pardaugava Hotel “Maritim”, offers a view of surrounding parks, the River Daugava and Old Town. On the top floor of the eleven-story Hotel “Alberts”, in the quiet centre of Riga, you will find the bar “Star Lounge”, featuring exquisite cocktails and a view of Riga’s Art Nouveau District.

Located on the summer terrace of Kipsala’s Hotel “Islande”, the grill bar “Mivatna veji” offers a panoramic view of River Daugava, Riga’s Old Town and the port.

Saulkrasti Sports and Recreation Centre’s Beach Cafe “Koklites” is a fierce contender in the category “Bar or restaurant with the best view”, because it is one of the few Latvian cafes where guests can observe sunset over the sea.

“Koklites” is also unique with its bold architectural solution. The cafe is built from recyclable materials – four old sea containers, whose walls have been partially replaced by glass. The bright sail adds an elegant and modern touch to the cafe.

“Koklites” has become a centre of active recreation for kiteboarding, windsurfing and jet skiing enthusiasts.