• Lielezers

Meteorologists predict hot summer with near tropical weather conditions


It is possible that real winter, with temperatures going down to minus 20 degrees Celsius, will arrive in Latvia only next February. The summer of 2012, however, could be very hot, bringing near tropical weather conditions, Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center's Forecast Department head Andris Viksna says in an interview with the newspaper "Latvijas Avize".

Viksna believes that, even if the winter sets in later than usually, it will not delay the spring. "Winters are becoming shorter, and stable snow covers last less. However, the first snow appears sooner, while the last snowfall comes late. The average annual temperature increases at the expense of the winter," explains the meteorologist.

Meteorologists will have plenty of challenges next year. Over the past few years, they had a lot of trouble due to summer storm clouds which usually bring heavy rainfall, hail and barely predictable, sudden wind gusts.

Overall, the weather conditions in 2012 will be changeable, and the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center promises to provide more frequent, quality and detailed information next year.