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Miera Street Festival coming up


On May 24, the hip Miera Street arts quarter in Riga will hold its third annual “Summer Festival on Miera Street”, and a special programme has been prepared for the entire day.

There will be a plein-air event for painters, photo laboratories, various performances, exhibitions and many other activities will take place on the stretch of Miera Street from the intersection with Brīvības Street to Maternity Hospital.

There will be musicians with a variety of genres performing on an open-air stage, whereas theatre aficionados are welcome to the short side street, Annas, to see performances by young actors of the Daile Theatre, the clown troupe “Mirabilibus”, a puppet theatre company, circus artists and much more. A notable addition to the festival is the percussion ensemble “Samba de Riga”, with its Afro-Brazilian music and dance show.

Part of the festival, the Green Fair, on Miera Street will offer visitors organic products supplied by farmers and the chance to acquaint themselves with the direct selling movement. There will also be a “valuables fair” with works by designers and artists available for purchase, as well as various other rarities.

The backyard of the “M50” shop will host traditional crafts and skills – which will include a goldsmith’s workshop, a handicraft workshop and a potter’s workshop. Whereas sauna and traditional herb experts will be glad to share their knowledge of herbal-medicinal properties.

The festival will also feature a full programme for children, with a variety of workshops. And there will also be a cycling track and 3D games for bike fans.

Festival visitors will also have the opportunity to go on guided tours of Miera Street and the historic Lielie kapi Cemetery.