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Mikelis’ Day fair


According to the ancient Baltic tradition, many Latvian cities and towns hold Mikelis’ Day fairs every autumn to celebrate harvesting. The fairs gather not only farmers and craftsmen with their products, but also musicians with corresponding repertoire to ensure a lively and joyful atmosphere during the celebration.

Even though Mikelis’ Day is on September 29, the fairs usually take place during the closest weekend. Therefore, Mikelis’ Day fair on Riga’s Dome Square will be held on September 25.

During the fair, local residents and guests will be able to buy various goods from Latvia’s rural areas – apples, pumpkins, beans, cranberries, herbal teas, honey, bread, bacon, and other delicious products. In addition, the craftsmen will offer clay pots, wooden spoons, wool socks, mittens, scarves and blankets to prepare for cold weather.

Last year, the festivities on Dome Square also featured Latvian Puppet Theater’s workshop, where visitors could make puppets from reeds and linen cloth. The organizers promise similar activities this year as well.

It is preferable to specify Mikelis’ Day program by contacting representatives of regional tourism organizations, since the festivities could provide an excellent incentive to visit various Latvia’s regions.