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More foreign travelers visit Riga Zoo


Increasingly more foreign tourists visit Riga Zoo not only in the summer but also in the winter, Riga Zoo CEO Rolands Greizins says in an interview with LETA.

There are especially many foreigners in the Riga Zoo in the summer, most of the foreign travelers are from Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Estonia. However, many foreigners also visit the zoo this winter. On cold days, most of the visitors to the zoo are foreigners.

According to Greizins, a very large number of visitors to the zoo was registered last July. "In July alone, we had 25,000 more visitors than in other years. For many years already, the zoo sees most visitors in mid-summer, but we have not had so many visitors as last July in many years. Interestingly enough, last year more adults and foreign travelers visited the zoo than usual," said Greizins.

Altogether, the zoo had 260,000 to 270,000 visitors last year.

Greizins notes that, taking the significant number of tourists visiting the zoo, Riga City Council could also allot some funds to the zoo from the city's tourism budget, which would help the zoo implement many new projects.