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Mushroom-picking in Latvia’s forests


During the end of summer and autumn, Latvia becomes one of the few European countries where trains, buses and roadsides are packed with people carrying baskets of mushrooms. Mushroom frying, marination and salting traditions are still alive in the country.

Tourism agency “Lauku celotajs” (Rural Traveler) has even come up with a five-day mushroom-picking offer for tourists, hoping that foreigners will also enjoy this interesting entertainment.

If a person appreciates fresh air and nature, then he/she will also enjoy mushroom-picking.  Many tourists come to Latvia because they want to see something real and participate in mushroom-picking, says “Lauku celotajs” Director Asnate Ziemele.

The agency also offers a guide – a professional mycologist (mushroom expert), who will introduce tourists to Latvian mushroom-picking traditions and inform about mushrooms in various habitats. During the tour, tourists will also become familiar with the diversity of Latvian mushrooms – from common, edible and important for nature to poisonous, rare and harmful to the country’s forestry. At least 100 mushroom species guaranteed!

“Lauku celotajs” also offers visits to Latvian farms to become acquainted with local mushroom-picking trails, mushroom cultivation, cooking and canning secrets.