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New pumpkin weight record in Latvia - 155 kilograms

 | Nozare.lv

The sixth annual pumpkin weight-off competition took place at the Riga Zoo today, with the winning pumpkin of 155 kilograms breaking the previous national record, "Maxima Latvija" representative Ivars Andins told portal "Nozare.lv".

The pumpkin was grown in the southwestern town of Skrunda. The second largest pumpkin weighed 142 kilograms, and the third - 121 kilograms.

The total weight of the ten finalists was over a ton. After the winner was determined, the pumpkins were given to the zoo as food for animals.
The competition was organized for the sixth time, in cooperation with "Maxima" and the long-time zoo friend and muscleman Raimonds Bergmanis.

Last year, the pumpkin "champion" weighed 132 kilograms.