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Night of Bats at Kemeri National Park


On July 16, Kemeri National Park will offer its visitors the annual Night of Bats - a unique opportunity to become familiar with bats – the mysterious mammals that have inspired terrifying stories and myths.

The evening will kick off with a lecture and presentation about bats, creative workshops and games, and, after the sunset, will be followed by the main event – the bat watching tour.

Scientists have established that Kemeri National Park has become home to nine species of bats; a total of 15 have been registered in Latvia.

Bats in Latvia usually dwell in caves, tree hollows and also in attics.

Kemeri National Park protects many natural treasures that have become scarce in Latvia and Europe – intact high moss mires, wet forests of black alders, alluvial meadows, and coastal lakes with various bird species. The park has become a haven to many rare and protected species.

Night of Bats’ visitors are recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear that is appropriate to weather conditions, and take along pocket flashlights and repellents.