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Pop music competition "New Wave"


One of the most prestigious pop music competitions of up and coming artists in the post-Soviet area is held in the Latvia coastal resort city of Jurmala each summer. The "New Wave" competition gathers over a dozen young musicians from around the world, who compete with one another on the stage to win first prize.

Thanks to the huge interest the Russian media has in the competition, the "New Wave" festival is where the elite of the post-Soviet entertainment scene and high society gather for one week to mingle in the beautiful Latvian resort city.

This year’s festival takes place from July 26 to 31.

The main part of the festival of course is the competition itself. However, "New Wave" also features various separate concerts of music stars from the post-Soviet area.

Foreign musicians also perform during "New Wave", with Swedish duo "Roxette" and Robin Gibb of the "Bee Gees" performing in recent years.

Not only will their be competitors from all over the former Soviet Union participating in this year’s competition, but also young artists from such countries as Togo, Brazil and other countries. These artists have the opportunity to perform in front of a TV audience of several million and gain recognition in the region. On the other hand, viewers are able to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the "New Wave" festival and cheer for the young musicians they like the most.