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"Positivus Festival" to be held once again next summer


The largest music and art festival in the Baltic States - ''Positivus Festival'', will be organized once again this year in Latvia, the festival's organizer Girts Majors said in an interview on ''Radio 101'' today.

The two-day festival will be held on July 20-21, and again in the Latvian coastal town of Salacgriva.

As Majors explains, in order for the ''Positivus Festival'' to become a three-day festival, as many hope, tickets prices would have to be substantially increased. The festival's organizers wish to continue organizing the popular music festival in the future, that is why next summer's festival will be a two-day fest, whilst it could be extended to three days in coming years.

Tickets to the festival will go on sale Wednesday, and can be purchased at all ''Bilesu Serviss'' ticket outlets.

A two-day ticket will costs LVL 25 on Wednesday and Thursday, but increase to LVL 29 from Friday. After the festival's lineup is announced, the price of a two-day ticket will increase to LVL 33.

The festival's organizers hope to announce some of the headliners performing at the festival by the end of the year.