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Rare bird seen near Ogre


Today, a rare Corn Bunting (Miliaria calandra) was seen in the village of Ciemupe in Ogre Region (central Latvia), which most likely nested in Latvia once before, but returns only on rare occasions, according to information on the Latvian nature portal ''dabasdati.lv''.

Since 1978, the rare bird species has only been seen in Latvia several times.

The Corn Bunting breeds across Southern and Central Europe, North Africa and Asia across to Kazahkstan.

The Corn Bunting is a bird of open country with trees, such as farmland and weedy wasteland. It has declined greatly in Northwest Europe due to intensive agricultural practices depriving it of its food supply of weed seeds and insects, the latter especially when feeding young. It has recently become extinct in Ireland, where it was previously common.