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Riga Airport reports record-high cargo turnover, stable passenger turnover in 2013

 | Nozare.lv

Riga International Airport had record-high cargo turnover last year - 53,539 tons, which is 62.5 percent more than in 2012, as the airport informed "Nozare.lv".

The airport's passenger turnover has also stabilized, and although small, just 0.5 percent, it gives the airport confidence that it still is, and will remain, the leading airport in the Baltic countries. The airport was visited by 4.79 million passengers last year.

Flights to nine new destinations were launched in 2013, including Abu Dhabi and Bergen, whereas during the summer season, the airport offered regular flights to 81 destinations.

Among the most important developments last year, the airport notes the Cabinet of Ministers' new regulations on Riga Airport's fees, according to which the airport could offer airlines differentiated fees and therefore expand the network of destinations.

Infrastructure reconstruction and upgrades continued at the Riga Airport in 2013: a new taxiway was constructed and a de-icing area was built at the airport, as well as other infrastructure development projects were implemented.

Yet another important event in 2013 was completion of the reconstruction of the airport's VIP center, which now offers European quality services and has increased the airport's total area to 2,060 square meters.