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Riga "Dinamo" wants to build its new sports complex near Riga Airport

 | Nozare.lv

Latvian ice hockey club Riga "Dinamo" wishes to build its new sports complex near Riga International Airport, "Nozare.lv" was informed by municipal construction company "Rigas pilsetbuvnieks" spokesperson Ivo Kirsblats.

The municipality has received a letter from "Dinamo" in which the club's chairman Juris Savickis informs that the club has decided to build its new sports complex on a land plot next to the airport.

Therefore Riga Vice Mayor Andris Ameriks (Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way) has ordered "Rigas pilsetbuvnieks", which is the owner of the land plot, to draft the land lease agreement, assess potential cooperation possibilities and terms of agreement.

According to Savickis, the project's cost could amount to EUR 30 to 50 million (LVL 21 to 35 million). The club also wishes to build a six-story hotel, a rehabilitation center and other facilities in the area.