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Riga Fashion Week once again


April means Riga Fashion Week ("Rīgas modes nedēļa"), now in its 20th time. This event is a showcase for the 2014/2015 fall/winter collections from the finest Latvian and foreign designers.

Design by "Narciss"
  • Design by "Narciss"
  • Photo: publicity photo

This year’s shows will also provide a glimpse of the trends of next season from such designers and brands as "Katya Katya Shehurina", "Anna LED", Natālija Jansone, "One Wolf", "Red Salt", "Alexander Pavlov", "Narciss", "NÓLÓ", "BeCarousell", "Paviljons" un "QooQoo". These locally well-known names have also made their mark in the international arena.

New collections will be presented by last year’s Fashion Week debutantes, that garnered much acclaim and publicity - "M-Couture" un "Alexandra Westfal".

Another eagerly awaited show comes from Baiba Ladiga, who says that her inspiration these days is the notion of "home" - evidently the result of six years spent abroad in Shanghai.

Inga Nipāne will provide a look at what the younger set is into; apparel from the recent LAA graduate will be on the Fashion Week runway for the first time. Nipāne’s brand is called "IN", and her designs are inspired by ... Medieval knights.

Of the foreign collections to be presnted, Italy’s Paola Balzano is perhaps the most intriguing. Latvian fashion devotees are waiting to welcome back the brands from Baltic neighbors "D.EFECT" (Lithuania) and "Pohjanheimo" (Estonia).

Held in the spring and fall by the Baltic Fashion Federation, the shows will be seen in downtown Riga’s "Podium", Brīvības gatvē 201, 5th floor – spacious new premises.