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Riga, Latvia


Next stop in my trip to the Baltic States was Riga in Latvia. I learned most about the economic situation, because Latvia was one of the countries that was hit hardest during the crisis. Furthermore, (again) the city centre is very beautiful with lots of amazing buildings.

The economic situation: After a visit to the Central Bank and a Latvian charity organization, I learned a lot about Latvia’s position in the crisis. The pro’s of how they handled the situation (the bank was very proud of this) and the con’s that go with it at a social level (this was the side of the charity organization). Latvia’s government decided, in contrast to countries like Greece, to take hard measures and to make strict reforms without devaluating their currency to get out of the crisis. Therefore, Latvia had a few very hard years, but is now getting in a better situation already.

The city centre: During our stay in Riga, we had a city walk around the historic centre. We saw many beautiful and diverse buildings. To get a good impression, here are some photographs…

Source: blog Kristylized Thoughts

Link: http://kristylizedthoughts.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/riga-latvia