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Special spring programme awaits you at the Zoo


Mother Nature comes back to life in May, also bringing offspring for many inhabitants of the Riga Zoo (except for the birds, who are still diligently nesting). What better time than now to hold "Family Day(s)", May 10-11, for a chance to view the playful newborns, tackle challenging tasks, take part in various games, relax and just have plain fun.

Peccary pigs in Riga Zoo
  • Peccary pigs in Riga Zoo
  • Photo: publicity photo

Spring means a myriad of special events at the Zoo, with "Night of the Museums" May 17 perhaps topping the list.  One and all are invited to enjoy the "Zoo’s History Night" – an enthralling guided tour with many a story about days gone by.

All summer long, as of June 1, from 11.30 to 14.15, the Zoo will feature special viewings of feeding time, starring such inhabitants as the flamingo, the hippo, the lemur and the giraffe. 

Hippo House during its open hours will feature an exhibit ("Osteo-stories at the Zoo") about the key element in every animal’s structure – bones.

The spring programme got under way in April  - the 19th and the 20th, when the Zoo sported the banner of Latvian Reptile Days – a chance to have a look at all 13 amphibians and reptile species found in Latvia – frogs, bullfrogs, newts, lizards, snakes, turtles.

For this special event, the Reptile House was revamped to accommodate more visitors, particularly mothers with strollers and those in wheelchairs. Ramps have also been set up at the entrances to the Aquarium and Terrarium, the observation platforms near the lions and bears, and other locations. 

Riga Zoo, open year round, is home to a multitude of animals, a few of which are peacocks, flamingos, giraffes, hippos, camels, lemurs, kangaroos, etc.etc.

Easily accessed by taking tram #11 to the "Mežaparks" stop: http://saraksti.rigassatiksme.lv/index.html#tram/11/a-b/3126/map.  Or – from downtown Riga, take mini-bus #9: http://saraksti.rigassatiksme.lv/index.html#bus/9/a-b/map.

Better yet, take your bicycle on the 6.6 km path from Hanzas/Skanstes streets, through Brasa, to Mežaparks – Meža prospekts.