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Theresa: Semester "break" in Riga


As our first semester officially ended last weekend, some friends of mine and I decided to celebrate our semester break – even though it was only one weekend long.

Stockholm actually offers quite a few possibilities to travel. Airplanes, trains, busses and boats can bring you nearly everywhere you can think of. And if you are flexible and a bit lucky you can find great deals. We found a cheap boat cruise to Riga, so we did not need to think about whether “to go or not to go”.

Unfortunately, we were a bit unlucky with the weather. It was really stormy and the waves kept us awake nearly throughout both of the 17h over-night travels. The city itself is however gorgeous and worth visiting. I was impressed by the narrow streets with lots of beautiful old houses, good restaurants, cheap coffee and interesting small shops. Even though we were there only for one day, thanks to the different language, old Soviet-style monuments and the different currency, it still felt like a holiday.