• Lielezers

Tug of war between Riga residents from left and right Daugava banks to be held May 4


May 4, the anniversary of the proclamation of the renewal of independence of the Republic of Latvia, a unique tug of war competition between Riga residents from the left and rights banks of the Daugava will be organized on Vansu (Suspension) Bridge in the afternoon.

Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs (Harmony Center) told reporters today that the goal of the event was not competition but consolidation: the idea is to pull both banks of the Daugava together, reflecting the unity of Rigans.

A rope over 400 meters long will be used in the competition, with marks so the participants would know where to hold it. The strength of the cable was tested by Riga tugboats today.

600 participants aged 16 and up are invited to participate in the tug of war competition. Applicants may register at "www.riga.lv" website.

RIGA Vice Mayor Andris Ameriks (Honor to Serve Riga) said that many events would take place in Riga to mark May 4 - besides the tug of war, there will also be the traditional Latvian film marathon at "Splendid Palace" movie theater, the Dome Cathedral Concert, and much more.