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Ukrainian artist Ievgen Petrov’s exhibition “Petrov’s Dogs” at Riga Art Space


The brilliant Ukrainian contemporary artist Ievgen Petrov’s solo exhibition “Petrov’s Dogs” is on display at the Riga Art Space from March 15. The exhibition presents works that the artist has created specifically for this exhibition as well as works created over the past several years. Most are watercolours, but there also are several sculptures and oil paintings.

Ievgeni Petrov’s works, highly expressive and very intricate at the same time, do not leave anyone indifferent. The situations they depict or the stories they tell are always clear and easy to understand. All the projects by the artist also have a sarcastic aspect to them, which may or may not be combined with irony, tragedy and paradox.

Petrov says that he draws that which irritates him, but when he is drawing dogs he often draws himself. Mostly those are stray and game dogs he paints. Unlike dogs who live in a family and always have someone to rely on, but have not developed their self-preservation instinct, the dogs depicted in Ievgeni Petrov’s works possess the experience that only street dogs may have, believes the artist.

The dogs in Petrov’s works can be the main or supporting characters, but they are always involved in the situation depicted. The artist does not paint dogs as humans, nor vice versa – he captures the circumstances that a dog is in, which have been created or provoked by a human. Very often these scenarios are cruel, unfair, and inhumane.

Ievgeny Petrov has very swiftly risen to prominence and has been acclaimed by art researchers and experts from various countries and generations.



adults EUR 3; schoolchildren, students and pensioners EUR 1.50

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