• Lielezers

Ventspils to pursue "state within a state" concept and introduce its own currency


Ventspils will introduce its own currency - "vents", which will be legal tender in the city; Ventspils will also open embassies abroad and implement other "state within a state" measures, Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs announced in his weekly press conference today.

A press conference will also take place on October 12 in Riga, in "Hotel Bergs" at 1 p.m. "We will present our development plans for Ventspils, including the implementation of a concept we are often reproached for - that we are a state within a state," said Lembergs.

"Europe and the world are waiting for Greece's default, therefore we don't know if the euro will continue to exist as a currency or European Union member states will return to their national currencies. The lat is pegged to the euro - whatever happens to the euro, affects the lat. Taking this into consideration, we have decided to introduce our own currency in Ventspils - vents," said the mayor.

Lembergs reminded that Ventspils also has its own flag and anthem. Even New Year in Ventspils is celebrated 33 minutes and 34 seconds later than in the rest of the country.

"Time has come for Ventspils to open embassies in many countries because active foreign policy has to be implemented, and I hope that the entire democratic world will recognize us," said Lembergs, adding that Ventspils' chances of joining the United Nations and other such issues would also be discussed during the press conference in Riga.

"I, of course, understand that there will be many reproaches, but we do not see any other way. We are very disappointed about the election results, especially the ongoing hypocrisy, indecision and greed of politicians," said Lembergs.

The press conference will take place in Riga because it will be more convenient for reporters, besides Latvia is "the first friendly state" to Ventspils.