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Visiting bread bakeries


Rye bread is one of Latvia’s most popular traditional foods. The dark bread has been baked in Latvia for hundreds of years, with the bread making process itself rich in tradition. It is also a popular gift Latvians bring to countrymen living abroad, as it is usually very hard to find similar bread in other countries.

According to the view of locals, proper rye-bread can only be made in Latvia. Visiting one of these bread bakeries has become a popular tourist attraction in the country, where persons can acquaint themselves with local bread making traditions and try out first hand in baking some bread.

If tasting rye-bread for the first time makes your visit to Latvia gastronomically richer, visiting one of the country’s traditional rye-bread bakeries will allow you to get acquainted with Latvia’s rich bread making traditions, which is also an important part of local culture.

It is possible to get detailed information on bread bakeries throughout the regions from the "Lauku Celotajs" rural tourism agency, which has much experience in organizing excursions to rural farms and bakeries.

For example, the "Donas" farm and bakery near the town of Smiltene (northern Latvia) offers persons a tour of the bakery, where the owners tell about the bread baking process and let people taste fresh samples. The bread baking process here is according to ancient traditions, where visitors can see the whole bread making process. Persons can also bake their own piece of bread, which can be later enjoyed with milk and honey, or taken home as a present to friends.

Persons are also encouraged to visit other bread bakeries throughout the country that welcome visitors - "Lāči" in Babite Region near Riga, "Ķelmēni" near Ranka (eastern Latvia), "Jaunkalēji" near Madona (eastern Latvia), "Liepkalni" near Plavinas (central Latvia) and many others. Furthermore, the Latvian town of Aglona in the eastern part of the country houses that only bread museum in the Baltics.