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"Winter Nights" kick off at the Riga Zoo


During the long and dark winter nights, everyone is invited to enjoy the holiday atmosphere at Riga Zoo during "Winter Nights" events, where persons have the opportunity to visit nighttime and enjoy the lights and decorations whilst viewing the zoo’s loveable inhabitants.

This will be the third year that "Winter Nights" are organized at the zoo, opening today until January 27.

During the event, the zoo will be decorated for the holiday season with lights and other ornaments, during which visitors will also be able to view the zoo’s animals. The Riga Zoo has over 3,000 animals of 400 different species.

The zoo’s four elegant giraffes will be out and about during "Winter Nights", as well as the zoo’s loveable bears, active meerkats and many other critters.

Furthermore, a bonfire will be lit in the center of the zoo, where people can gather to warm themselves up and enjoy a hot beverage.

It is also possible to call beforehand and organize a private excursion through the park with a guide.

During "Winter Nights" events, the zoo is open longer and the price of admission is less than during the daytime.