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Yachting in Latvia


Due to the fact that yachting is a popular hobby in Latvia, almost every coastal city, town or village in Latvia has a larger or smaller yacht fleet. Many yacht owners gladly offer rides to visitors in coastal waters.

There are many different yachting options available in Latvia, from rides that take several hours along the coast of the Gulf of Riga, to rides that take several days to the Estonian islands or beyond.

The largest concentration of yachts is located at yacht clubs near Riga and Jurmala, which feature various types of yachts on offer for tourists. In order to organize a ride, persons must go to the local tourist information center, yacht club or contact the owner of the yacht directly.

The Riga yacht club "Auda" offers leisure trips with one of its yachts for up to 20 persons, with a qualified captain to steer the boat.

"Those who wish to try out yachting first hand, we also offer people the opportunity to be part of an experienced crew during yachting competitions," the club’s representatives point out.

One yacht can usually carry six to ten people, with larger ones carrying up to 20 people. The yachts usually charge by the hour or days. The asking price for a three-hour yacht ride is about LVL 50. Furthermore, the hourly rates usually become gradually smaller for longer rides.