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You must see the Dobele Snowmen Parade!

 | Dobele

During the last week of November, white, mighty Snowmen have been increasingly establishing themselves in the streets and squares of Dobele. The Snowmen Parade will last until March 2014.  

 Already for the fourth year, Dobele becomes a meeting place of the great Snowmen. It is the only city in the Baltic States and Europe where all through winter, regardless of the weather conditions, you can meet with the mighty tall Snowmen, because they are made from the insulation material ‘tenapors' and candles manufactured by two companies of Dobele: Tenax Ltd. and Baltic Candles Ltd.

The Snowmen are made by two professional and well-known Latvian sculptresses Inta Berga and Agnese Rudzīte - Kirillova. Their assistants are Jānis Bergs and Anatolijs Kirillovs, but the creative team's work is organized and inspired by the municipal architect Jānis Kukša.

With every year, the Snowmen Parade in the streets and squares of Dobele is expanding. This winter visitors will meet more than 30 Snowmen of different size and character. This year among Skiers, Hockey players, Musicians, Poets and other creative Snowmen, one can find also Snowmen of very serious professions like Driver, Janitor, Doctor, Baker and others, which symbolize different companies of Dobele.

 When booked in advance, Dobele Tourist Information Centre offers a guided tour along the Snowmen's route. Besides, in the Centre, each visitor can be acquainted with a newly issued booklet ‘Dobele's Snowmen Are Waiting for You' with the relevant information and scheme of the Snowmen's route.


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