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Yule Log Night to be celebrated in Old Town Riga


The traditional Yule Log Night festivities will be held in Riga's Old Town this evening, LETA learned from the Latvian Folklore Society.

Yule log pulling ritual will start at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall Square and continue along Old Town Riga's streets and squares. The ritual will conclude with the burning of the logs and Christmas celebrations at Town Hall and Dome squares.

Various folklore ensembles - "Grodi", "Skandinieki", "Vilcenes", "Vilkaci", "Budeli", "Berendejka", "Troksnu iela", "Iljinskaja pjatnica", "Dandari", "Rija", "Rigas dancu klubs", "Maskackas spelmani", "Abra", "Kokle", "Saviesi" and "Artava" will participate in the event.

The organizers encourage participants to bring torches and old oak leaf crowns to burn them in Christmas bonfires, sending well-wishes to Latvia, its nation and land.

The winter solstice - December 21 - is a moment when days become longer again, a new year starts, and spring is on the horizon. The ritual is symbolic of joint effort to combat the power of darkness and to turn toward the light once again. Song, dance and merry-making will frighten away evil spirits and give blessing to the city and its people.