• "Amaya" actress Kaori Momoi to become Riga's honorary ambassador in Japan
    Japanese actress Kaori Momoi will be appointed Riga's honorary ambassador in Japan for special merits and her personal and professional contribution to Japanese-Latvian cultural relations, as the producer of film production company "Krukfilms", Linda Krukle, informed LETA.
  • Theatre festival "Homo Novus 2011" to offer diverse program
    19.08.2011 | 
    The International Contemporary Theatre Festival "Homo Novus 2011", to be held from September 3 to September 9, will offer a diverse international program in various venues in Riga, as the artistic director of the festival, Gundega Laivina, told reporters.
  • Latvian National Opera kicks off new season
    For people who wish to get a taste of culture on their visit to Latvia, seeing a ballet or opera performance at the Latvian National Opera is a must.
  • Autumn Chamber Music Festival
    From September 14 to October 7, the Autumn Chamber Music Festival will be held in Riga, with concerts taking place in several Riga concert halls.
  • British singer Anna Calvi to perform in Riga
    On October 15, British indie-rock/pop singer Anna Calvi will perform a concert in Riga, promoting her first critically acclaimed album. The concert will be held at the "Palladium" concert hall in Riga.
  • Works by Latvian glass artists
    Pondering the alternatives of what to buy when visiting Latvia, one of the most interesting choices could be glassware products made by local artists.
  • Historical military legacy
    The territory of Latvia has been the location of many battlefields throughout history, with strategic military importance. During different periods of history, various military defense objects were constructed on Latvia’s territory, with some of them still remaining standing to this day. These objects have also become popular tourist attractions.
  • Collective hunting season begins
    Persons interested in hunting have an excellent opportunity of going out on individual hunts in Latvia, as well as on group hunts. Special hunting towers are located throughout the country.
  • Bird watching during autumn migration period
    In the autumn, when migratory birds begin their long journey back to warmer climates in the south, bird watchers and nature lovers have the excellent opportunity of observing the migration of these various types of birds.
  • Sigulda's golden autumn
    One of the most picturesque regions of Latvia is the Gauja River Valley near the town of Sigulda, also known as the Livonian Switzerland. One of the special times of year here is October, when the surrounding hills are covered in the colors of autumn – from sunny gold to warm red. Sigulda’s golden autumn has started.