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22.02.2013 -Traveldudes.com Little Known Latvia and the Change of Riga

I am half Latvian and recently visited with my father - who is 86.

22.02.2013 Two Latvian films awarded at Berlin International Film Festival

Two Latvian films were awarded at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival this year - Janis Nords' feature film "Mother, I Love You" (Mammu, es tevi milu!) and Evalds Lacis' animated...

22.02.2013 "PeR" to represent Latvia at Eurovision song contest this year

"Here We Go" sung by "PeR" will represent Latvia at the Eurovision song contest in Sweden this year.

22.02.2013 Latvians celebrate Meteni this weekend

In February, Latvians celebrate one of their traditional calendar festivals Meteni – a celebration dedicated to bidding farewell to the winter and welcoming the spring. Special folk songs are sung on...

22.02.2013 "Sunrise Avenue" to perform concert in Riga in May

On May 10, the Finnish rock band "Sunrise Avenue" will perform a concert at Riga's "Sapnu fabrika".

22.02.2013 -Bestriga.com Latvia ranks highly for ethical travel

Latvia is one of the ten best ethical destinations to travel to in 2013, according to ethicaltraveler.org, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that publishes a guide to the World’s Best...

07.02.2013 ''Saxophonia'' music festival kicks off in Riga

The 9th saxophone music festival "Saxophonia" will kick off at Riga’s Saint John’s Church, which is one of the biggest such festivals in the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

07.02.2013 ''The Killers'' to perform concert in Riga this summer

The American rock-band ''The Killers'', one of the world’s most popular rock bands of the last few years, which last year released their fourth studio album ''Battle Born...

07.02.2013 Street in Riga named after Swedish city of Umea

On Friday 5, Riga City Council supported the proposal to name a street in Riga after the Swedish city of Umea.

07.02.2013 All-day Carnival in downtown Riga February 16

  Saturday, February 16, it will be Carnival in Riga for the very first time, with one and all invited to Bastejkalns Park for a full day of merriment featuring various attractions, games, contests...