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28.04.2012 -LETA Police and Riga City Council invite cyclists to participate in May 1 Riga Bicycle Parade

The State Police and the Riga City Council will organize the Riga Bicycle Parade in the capital on May 1, inviting every person to take part.

28.04.2012 Approximately 210,000 people participated in Big Cleanup Day

Despite previous estimates, the organizers of Big Cleanup Day say that approximately 210,000 persons actually participated in the event this years.

28.04.2012 -Venere.com Swimming Pools and Water Parks in Riga

Riga is a historic city with moderate temperatures ranging from the 10Cs to the 20Cs during summer. Visitors and residents alike are lucky, as pools in Riga are usually open all seven days of the week and...

28.04.2012 -Baltictimes.com Ballet for everyone!

Yes, the title perfectly applies to this year’s International Baltic Ballet Festival. Why is that, you might ask? Because this year the festival has classical events alongside modern dance, historical...

04.04.2012 -The Baltic Times The sugary sweet voice of Zucchero comes to the Baltics

"Every country produces one singer in each generation who represents that country, the way Bruce Springsteen represents America or Bono does Ireland. Zucchero is the Italian voice for...

04.04.2012 -The Baltic Times Never-ending city exhibited in Riga

It can be said that all people like to travel around the world and take impressions home with them, to create a new understanding about what is happening on other shores of the planet.

04.04.2012 Pre-Easter events to take place in Riga on Sunday

In early April, ahead of this year's Easter festivities, Rigans and city guests are invited to various pre-Easter events - concerts and spring exhibitions, LETA was informed by Riga City Council...

04.04.2012 -BBN Residents: Riga needs its own Eiffel Tower

53% of Latvia residents say that Tallinn is the most tourist-friendly city in the Baltic states. Riga ranks the second (36%), but Vilnius the third (11%).

04.04.2012 Concerts, master classes and other events to be held in Riga over Easter holidays

A multitude of events, including concerts, master workshops and artistic and recreational activities for children, will be held in Riga over the Easter holidays, LETA was informed by Riga City Council...

04.04.2012 "Brainstorm" to release new album in May; launch Latvian tour in summer

Pop-rock band "Brainstorm" will release a new album in May, whereas in July the band will launch a tour of Latvia, "Brainstorm" representative Guna Zucika told LETA.