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14.05.2012 -Baltic News Discovering the Baltics on the cheap

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28.04.2012 -LETA Ministers hope to reduce time of Riga-Moscow passenger train by several hours

The travel time of the Riga-Moscow passenger train line will be reduced by several hours..

28.04.2012 -LETA Young seal strays into Riga Canal

A young seal strayed into the Riga Canal today, LETA observed.

28.04.2012 -LETA Singer Liene Somase to perform for Latvian troops in Afghanistan on national holiday

Latvian pop singer Liene Somase will give four concerts for the Latvian troops in Afghanistan

28.04.2012 -LETA 195 tons of trash collected in Riga during Big Cleanup Day

During Saturday's Big Cleanup Day activities in Riga, 195 tons of trash was collected in the Latvian capital.

28.04.2012 -LETA 50 cyclists participate in Riga Cycling Week opening event

Riga cycling activists together with Riga City Council's Pardaugava Executive Directorate head Maris Kalve, about 50 people altogether, opened the Riga Cicyling Week on Sunday with a ride along the...

28.04.2012 -LETA Tug of war between Riga residents from left and right Daugava banks to be held May 4

May 4, the anniversary of the proclamation of the renewal of independence of the Republic of Latvia, a unique tug of war competition between Riga residents from the left and rights banks of the Daugava will...

28.04.2012 -LETA Up to 3,000 Latvian hockey fans expected at this year's World Championships

According to current calculations, up to 3,000 Latvian ice hockey fans are expected to travel to this year's Ice Hockey World Championships in Sweden, LETA found out from local fan organizations.

28.04.2012 Tickets to August's Lady Gaga concert to go on sale next week

On Monday, April 30, tickets will go on sale to August's Lady Gaga concert in Riga, LETA was informed by the ''FBI'' concert agency.

28.04.2012 -LETA Police and Riga City Council invite cyclists to participate in May 1 Riga Bicycle Parade

The State Police and the Riga City Council will organize the Riga Bicycle Parade in the capital on May 1, inviting every person to take part.