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21.10.2011 House of Blackheads connected by passage to Riga Art Space

Today, a passage was opened in the basement of the House of Blackheads in Riga Old City that will connect it with Riga Art Space exhibition hall, creating a joint cultural complex.

21.10.2011 "Pasazieru vilciens" renews Karlis Ulmanis' national tourism tradition

Joint-stock company “Pasazieru vilciens” (“Passenger Train”) is renewing the tradition "Tautas ekskursija"  ("National Excursion"), established by former...

17.10.2011 -The Baltic Course The Baltic Nature Photography Festival 2011

3rd October was the last chance to present photos to the following contests: Baltic Nature Photography Contest and Baltic Farm Photography Contest.

17.10.2011 Ventspils to pursue "state within a state" concept and introduce its own currency

Ventspils will introduce its own currency - "vents", which will be legal tender in the city; Ventspils will also open embassies abroad and implement other "state within a state" measures...

17.10.2011 First 500 people receive Ventspils' new currency

Around 500 people have already received the new Ventspils currency - the "vent", that was introduced to attract tourists, and the interest in them continues to increase, as LETA was informed by...

17.10.2011 "BalticBike" popularity has tripled this year

People have used "BalticBike" self-service rental over 14,000 times this past April-September, which is triple the total counted in the same period last year (3,842).

17.10.2011 -http://blog.airbaltic.com/2011/10/11/four-places-to-find-inspiration-in-riga/ Four Places to Find Inspiration in Riga

The original fab four may have been the Beatles from Liverpool, but now Riga has its own fab four in the form of four distinct districts full of creativity and inspiration, the airline „airBaltic...

11.10.2011 -The Baltic Times Tax free shopping stimulates tourism industry

Despite the constant state of financial turmoil that is becoming the new norm for the global economy, tourism in Latvia is on the rise. What are the main reasons tourists are visiting this Baltic country?...

11.10.2011 New pumpkin weight record in Latvia - 155 kilograms

The sixth annual pumpkin weight-off competition took place at the Riga Zoo today, with the winning pumpkin of 155 kilograms breaking the previous national record, "Maxima Latvija" representative...

11.10.2011 "Leo Burnett Riga" to create Latvia's "Facebook" page

Advertising agency "Leo Burnett Riga" has won a tender for the right to develop Latvia's page for the social networking website "Facebook.com".