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11.08.2011 Visiting bread bakeries

Rye bread is one of Latvia’s most popular traditional foods. The dark bread has been baked in Latvia for hundreds of years, with the bread making process itself rich in tradition. It is also a popular...

11.08.2011 Industrial trade fair "Made in Latvia 2011"

The industries exhibition-trade fair "Made in Latvia 2011" will be the third of its kind, which gathers manufacturers and service suppliers of all kinds in one place.

11.08.2011 Use of valuable groundwater seen as possible tourist attraction in Liepaja

One of the possible infrastructure objects in the Latvian coastal city of Liepaja (southwestern Latvia), which if restored could attract more tourists to the city during the winter season, is the Liepaja...

11.08.2011 U.S. business news portal recommends Riga as one of Europe's five most attractive cities

The U.S. business news web-site, ''BusinessInsider.com'' has declared Riga as one of the five most attractive European cities for summer travel.

04.08.2011 Culture Share: Latvia - Living at the Crossroads

This post is part of The Writer's International Culture Share, in which writers discuss their personal experience with world cultures: Jelena M. discusses the mixed peoples of Riga, Latvia.

04.08.2011 The Circum World Traveling points out at Latvia’s natural beauty

Latvia surprises travelers for its natural beauty. In Latvia, the tourist can visit: the city of Riga (Riga, the Baltic Sea port and capital of the country), the old city, and its narrow streets and canals...

04.08.2011 Livani Glass Factory and Museum – Latvia

Traveling to the Livani Glass Factory and Museum in Latvia provides an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know the business of glass manufacturing in a laid back manner. The museum offers insights on...

04.08.2011 Travel Adventure invites to visit Riga-based War Museum

The Travel Adventure Tips portal posted an article dedicated to the Latvian War Museum, supplemented with colorful and picturesque photos.

04.08.2011 Riga named among European best values

The best-value European city breaks are to be found in Eastern Europe and the best value the historic Baltic city of Riga, according to a travel money survey by the Post Office in Britain, as The West...

04.08.2011 Lithuanian vacationers prefer Latvian seashore to Palanga

Latvia's seashore is more popular with Lithuanian vacationers than the Lithuanian seaside resort town of Palanga, since the Latvian resorts are more hospitable and offer cheaper and accommodation of...