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22.03.2011 Armenian filmmaker stages The Barber of Seville in Riga

Recently, the Latvian capital Riga hosted the premiere of “The Barber of Seville” opera. The opera staging, performed by a 27-year old film director Hayk Karapetyan, enjoyed positive critical...

22.03.2011 -Skyscanner Skyscanner recommends visiting Riga as one of top 3 European spring destinations

This Baltic beauty is more than 800 years old with an irresistible charm that combines the medieval and the modern. Gaze at Gothic architecture or marvel at folk music festivals taking place throughout the...

15.03.2011 -Enroute's Blog Go to Riga

We descended upon Riga, Latvia – a small, Baltic country tucked beside Russia – in the bluster of February to find a city that is spilling over with independent culture, new hotspots and sharp,...

09.03.2011 Bent on happiness – Latvia

A tragic past hasn't stopped the Latvian capital of Riga from becoming a prosperous and vibrant city, the largest in the Baltics.

08.03.2011 New Riga Tourism Information Center will play significant role in attracting tourists to Riga

The new Riga Tourism Information Center in the Michael Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre building in Old Town will play a significant role in attracting tourists, Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs (Harmony Center)...

04.03.2011 -The Wall Street Journal | Travel Latvia's Burgeoning Spa Scene

From Riga's Old City to Jurmala's coastal resort, sporty masseurs find knots you never knew existed.

02.03.2011 -Baltic News Network 44% foreign tourists suggest spending holidays in Latvia

Foreign tourists satisfaction rate with recreation possibilities in Latvia is quite high – on average 4.3 points out of 5. Latvia is estimated better in terms of spending a vacation or holidays, while...

25.02.2011 -Wayfaring Travel Guide Riga Guide

Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States and a capital city of Latvia. With more than 800 years history the city offers the finest collections of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe.

25.02.2011 -Brilliant Tips The Ancient Town of Kuldiga, Latvia

With its well preserved medieval charm, the ancient town of Kuldiga is one of the most enchanting and magical places to visit in Latvia.

25.02.2011 -The Baltic Course Number of visitors in Latvian hotels in 2010 increased by 17.7%

In comparison with 2009, number of visitors in hotels and other accommodation establishments(1) in 2010 comprised 1312 thsd persons which is an increase of 17.7%, according to Central Statistical Bureau (...