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23.11.2011 -http://www.cheapshoptnf.com/ Enjoy This Weekend In Ever Beautiful Riga

The capital of Latvia, Riga has quickly turned out to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country itself.

03.11.2011 -Findertrip offers several exciting vacations to Latvia Put Riga, Latvia on Your Bucket List

On the plane ride on my way from lively, sunny Madrid, I was not looking forward to visiting Riga, Lativa but I had to go for work. I had imagined a gray, cold, dull city.

03.11.2011 "Nordea" Riga Marathon awarded prestigious IAAF Road Race Bronze Label

"Nordea" Riga Marathon has been awarded the prestigious International Association of Athletics Federation's (IAAF) Road Race Bronze Label, becoming the first marathon in Northern Europe to...

03.11.2011 Occupation Museum to host event dedicated to Latvian Independence Movement

With an event on November 2, dedicated to the Latvian Independence Movement (Latvijas Neatkaribas kustiba - LNK, or LIM), the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia will begin a series about the resistance...

03.11.2011 Riga Airport to offer flights to two new destinations in winter season

The winter flight schedule at Riga International Airport will list two new destinations – to Leeds (Great Britain) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands), "Nozare.lv" was informed by the airport...

21.10.2011 -DailyIcon.com Observation Tower in Jurmala

Latvian practice ARHIS Architects has completed the Observation Tower in Jurmala positioned within the Dzintaru park in Jurmala, Latvia. The 38-meter tall structure is enclosed with an open-air cage...

21.10.2011 House of Blackheads connected by passage to Riga Art Space

Today, a passage was opened in the basement of the House of Blackheads in Riga Old City that will connect it with Riga Art Space exhibition hall, creating a joint cultural complex.

21.10.2011 "Pasazieru vilciens" renews Karlis Ulmanis' national tourism tradition

Joint-stock company “Pasazieru vilciens” (“Passenger Train”) is renewing the tradition "Tautas ekskursija"  ("National Excursion"), established by former...

17.10.2011 -The Baltic Course The Baltic Nature Photography Festival 2011

3rd October was the last chance to present photos to the following contests: Baltic Nature Photography Contest and Baltic Farm Photography Contest.

17.10.2011 Ventspils to pursue "state within a state" concept and introduce its own currency

Ventspils will introduce its own currency - "vents", which will be legal tender in the city; Ventspils will also open embassies abroad and implement other "state within a state" measures...