One-day bicycling tours

 The Latvian Country Tourism Association “Lauku ceļotājs” has developed a list of excellent one-day bicycling tours. By following these, you can acquaint yourself with Latvia’s national parks, other natural sites, old and more recent historical landmarks.

Backpack cycling along Baltic sea.
  • Bicyclists on Jūrmala Beach
Family cycling along Baltic sea coast near Riga.
  • Bicyclists by the Sea
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs
Family cycling in Latvian countryside summer.
  • Cycling travellers in the countryside
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs
Exploring nature trails in Sigulda by bike.
  • On Bicycles in Nature Trails
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs

One of the newest tours is through Slītere, where Slitere National Park is located. It offers a glimpse of Livonian villages and beautiful nature. The Slītere bicycle ring is 50 km long, it stretches from Cape Kolka to Košrags, then through forest to the seaside, then back to Kolka. Two thirds of the road is on a dirt and gravel road.

Another tour is developed mostly for travelling via Livonian sea side villages and lasts for 28 km: Mazirbe-Košrags-Pitrags-Saunags-Vaide. It can be done in a mere five hours, enjoying nature and the unhurried life of fishermen’s villages. In addition, it should be noted that it is possible to rent bicycles in tourist lodgings.

Not far from Liepāja, it is possible to travel around the Bernāti Nature Park on the Baltic seashore. You can see sand dunes and fishermen’s villages. In Embūte, which is near Liepāja, the bicycling tour leads through remote forest massifs, which once hid a top secret Soviet military object. This is a trail for a cycler who is not afraid of poor road conditions, steep descents, and locations scarcely touched by civilisation. In Ķemeri Train Station, almost the furthest on the Jūrmala side, there is a bicycle rental shop. You can rent a bicycle there and travel around Sloka Lake and the seaside.

In Rīga, by the Vanšu Bridge a bicycle road starts which leads towards Jūrmala – the first bicycle road in Latvia. Travelling on it, without pushing yourself too much, you can reach Jūrmala City within an hour. 

A nice one-day bicycling tour is from Cēsis to Valmiera. In this tour an interesting nature object – Sietiņiezis – can be seen; a large part of the trail goes through forests on the shores of the River Gauja. A short but picturesque cycling tour is Ērgļi-Braki-Meņģeļi which leads through the hills of Vidzeme Highland.

Many wonderful one-day bicycle tours lead around Latvia’s numerous lakes, especially in Latgale. It is possible to cycle around the lakes of Ludza and Rāzna. Bird watchers may be advised to travel around Lielais Lubāns; this trail can be extended beyond a one-day trip.

During one day it is possible to cycle along the Daugava’s windings – the nature park from Krāslava to Naujene; this bicycling tour follows along the beautiful primeval hollow of the River Daugava for 35 km. Latvia’s main river here winds around eight wide bends. A view of Daugava would please the traveller’s eye. During the journey it is possible to visit the Slutišķi old-believers village and follow several nature trails.

These are only few of the examples. Bicycling tour maps can be purchased in Tourism Information Centres. If you do not have your own car, then it is possible to reach destinations by train – the railway network covers most of Latvia. For the convenience of bicyclers there are special places set aside for bicycles – the respective passenger cars by their door are marked with the bicycle logotype.

Many countryside and small town guest houses offer bicycles rental, so it is not mandatory to take your own bicycle along. If you wanted to go on a bicycle journey, just check out if a particular guest house offers bicycle rentals. You have to remember that Latvia’s bicycle trail network is developing, so often you have to travel on gravel roads, thus a solid mountain or tourist bike should be chosen. For security reasons make sure to wear a reflecting vest and a helmet.