Latvia offers a broad range of overnight accommodation. For those who value comfort and high quality, luxury hotels are available in Riga and other Latvian cities and towns, while those who wish to enjoy rural calm and relaxation in nature can choose a remote guesthouse or campsite in the Latvian countryside.

In order to help you navigate Latvian accommodation and their offerings, this section contains accommodation whose quality of service and safety meets the standards of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia (LVRA). These standards correspond to the EU certification standards*, as well as the unified Nordic and Baltic hotel classification system which provides for a certain threshold of quality and safety. Find out more about the LVRA accommodation rating standards here.* Campsites and recreational accommodation also comply with the requirements of the Latvian Campsite Association

Each type of accommodation has its own quality criteria, which is why you can read about the types of accommodation in more detail in their respective sections. Accommodation may be viewed according to the LVRA division of accommodation: 

Campsites and caravan sites
Holiday homes
Country homes
Youth hostels

* EN 45011, General EU requirements for bodies operating product certification * EU rules EN 45011 for bodies operating product certification systems

  • The Latvian definition of a hotel is a site of accommodation and service of customers that contains no fewer than four rooms.

  • In Latvia, a guesthouse is a site of accommodation and service that contains no less than five rooms.

  • If you’re planning across Latvia, trailer could be a good option to consider.

  • If you’re planning a longer stay in Latvia and value your privacy, a holiday home could be a good option to consider.

  • If you wish to visit the Latvian countryside, finding overnight accommodation in country homes may be a very good choice.

  • Those who are young at heart and wish to find an alternative to hotels can select youth accommodation or hostels.

  • In Latvia, a motel is a site of guest accommodation and service that contains at least five rooms and that mainly serves motorists and motorcyclists. If you are travelling by car, a motel could be a good alternative.