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Latvia in the Media

  • The Latvian Choir Kamer sings at Baryshnikov Arts Center
    22.03.2011 | 
    Evidence of a lively choral music tradition flourishing among the Baltic nations has been with us for some time now: in splendid recordings the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir has made for Harmonia Mundi and ECM, and in ravishing performances by the Latvian National Choir at Lincoln Center last year
  • Bent on happiness – Latvia
    09.03.2011 | 
    A tragic past hasn't stopped the Latvian capital of Riga from becoming a prosperous and vibrant city, the largest in the Baltics.
  • Riga Guide
    25.02.2011 | 
    Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States and a capital city of Latvia. With more than 800 years history the city offers the finest collections of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe.
  • TravBuddy "Riga"
    07.02.2011 | 
    Having travelled to the more popular European countries over the years it was a good change to see and experience a country that has a Russian influence or trying to get out of the Russian influence.