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Latvia in the Media

  • Great Places to Find Traditional Latvian Souvenirs
    30.05.2013 | 
    Latvia has capitalized upon the beauty of and mystery behind its pagan symbols, its tradition of textile art and pottery, and its agricultural heritage. When you’re in Riga, visit the following shops and markets to discover traditional Latvian souvenirs made according to well-established traditions.
  • Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus: promoting tourism across the Dvina River
    30.05.2013 | 
    An EU-funded Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) project is working to position and promote three regions from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus as one tourism destination joined by the Dvina River.
  • Riga City Council welcomes you to Riga
    30.05.2013 | 
    Welcome to Riga – the metropolis of the Baltic Sea region and one of the significant capital cities of Europe with more than 800 year history!
  • Tall Ships Races 2013 Visits Riga
    29.05.2013 | 
    Coming this summer to Riga, Latvia, scores of sailing ships from 35 countries will compete at the Tall Ships Races 2013visiting the city for the first time in 10 years. The massive tall ship regatta is expected to deliver hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city, and 99 of the world’s most fabulous sailing vessels are slated to compete July 25 – 28.
  • Latvia hopes for Baltic ''Bilbao effect'' with Rothko museum
    29.05.2013 | 
    The opening of a museum dedicated to U.S. art superstar Mark Rothko in his Latvian birthplace is raising hopes the city of Daugavpils (southeastern Latvia) could attract thousands of new tourists and revitalize the economy, the AFP news agency writes in a special article about the newly opened museum in Latvia's second largest city.
  • Lifestyle rally "Gumball 3000" visit Riga in May
    29.05.2013 | 
    The lifestyle rally ''Gumball 3000'' came to Riga on May 21.
  • Riga included in a list of Europe’s most affordable cities by SmarterTravel.com
    19.04.2013 | 
    The travelling portal SmarterTravel.com included Latvia and its capital Riga in a list of Europe’s most affordable travelling destinations, along with its neighbour Vilnius and such famous travelling spots as Prague and Budapest.
  • "Ashley Colburn Productions" to make film series about Latvia
    19.04.2013 | 
    The United States' TV producer, author and personality Ashley Colburn will be working in Latvia in May to shoot five video stories about Latvia; the project is organized in collaboration with the State Tourism Development Agency, Sigulda Town Council, Liepaja City Council and national airline "airBaltic".
  • Birch juice season takes Latvia by storm
    19.04.2013 | 
    As spring melts away a long winter deep in Latvia's vast forests, the stillness is almost imperceptibly broken by a rhythmic drip, drip, drip. A small black tube protrudes from the trunk of a leafless tree growing among spruces, birches and pines. Trickling from it, into a plastic bag suspended below, is a clear, sweet, watery sap which has been one of this country's most popular drinks for centuries.
  • AFP writes article about Latvia's sauna culture
    02.04.2013 | 
    LETA -- AFP
    - Lying face down in deep snow, naked, in bone chilling sub-zero weather is enough to make anyone think twice. But such are the extremes required to penetrate the mysteries of the "pirts" - Latvia's little-known and complex interpretation of what is known in other parts of the world as the sauna, banya, hammam, Roman bath or Native American sweat lodge, the AFP news agency writes in a special article.