Latvian cuisine

Since the Latvian national cuisine has formed itself under the influence of several national cuisines, it is hard to draw the line where it starts and where ends. Our ancestors loved grey peas and beans, pork with sauerkraut, porridge, rye bread with honey.

Today Latvian cuisine would be meatballs made of ground pork and pork chops – pieces of pork loin wrapped in egg or bread crumbs and fried. During festivities we rarely do without rasols – the salad where the basic ingredients are potatoes, sausage or bacon, eggs and picked cucumbers. We also love meat pies – tiny pastries with meat filling. Are they really Latvian dishes or do we think they are?

The question about Latvian cuisine is also hard to answer because of many famous chefs who creatively update it every day by enriching the Latvian taste with unusual flavours which occasionally become part of the Slow Food tradition.

Excellent milk and meat products, honey and cereals – Latvia has long been proud of its country goodies. Today many farmers are engaged in ecological or biological farming pursuing ancestor traditions and the love towards nature and people.