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  • Dedicated To Elina Garanca, A Great Mezzo-Soprano From Latvia
    05.07.2012 | 
    There have been many great mezzo-sopranos in the history of opera such as Agnes Baltsa, Cecilia Bartoli, Frederica von Stade and many others since the role was first created and though it is not one which has been around as long as the role of soprano; it is still one of the most important voices in opera. There being many important parts for mezzo-sopranos in the world of opera with arguably the most famous of these being the role of the gypsy “Carmen” in the opera by the same name written by Georges Bizet.
  • ''Scissor Sisters'' to perform concert in Riga this September
    05.07.2012 | 
    Celebrating its one-year anniversary this September, the Latvian concert venue ''Palladium'' will host a special concert by the New York pop-rock band ''Scissor Sisters'', LETA was informed by ''Positivus Music'' concert agency spokeswoman Maija Anna Ludbarza.
  • 67% associate "Ligo!" holiday with "good time"
    A "Ferratum Latvia"/"Runde" survey of 500 people shows that despite weather conditions and financial woes, 67 percent associate the Midsummer "Ligo!" holiday with a good time, getting together with friends and pleasant relaxation.
  • British rock band ''Muse'' to perform in Riga in December; tickets already on sale
    05.07.2012 | 
    This December, British rock band ''Muse'' will appear live in concert at ''Arena Riga'', LETA was informed by concert agency ''Positivus Music'' spokeswoman Zane Peneze.
  • airBaltic and Sixt team up
    05.07.2012 | 
    Latvian national airline airBaltic and Sixt, one of the leading European providers of mobility services, have teamed up to offer more convenient travel for customers.
  • Riga, Latvia
    05.07.2012 | 
    Next stop in my trip to the Baltic States was Riga in Latvia. I learned most about the economic situation, because Latvia was one of the countries that was hit hardest during the crisis. Furthermore, (again) the city centre is very beautiful with lots of amazing buildings.
  • Latvia
    05.07.2012 | 
    In many ways, Latvia is very similar to Estonia. Riga has a beautiful old town, which is quite different from Tallinn. It's larger, and not quite as immediately intense, but more subtle and spread out. The new town was also a pleasant surprise. A lot of parks, and some great architecture. There's also a huge market that fills five old WW1 zeppelin hangars as well as the entire surrounding area.
  • Postcard from a mini Latvian roadtrip
    05.07.2012 | 
    This lovely old diused farm building was on the road between Riga and Liepaja which as roadtrips go is pretty short only taking a few hours but currently is the only viable way to travel between the two areas.
  • Children summer at the open air stahe Melluzi
    For 14 Sundays – starting 27 May till 26 August – events for children will take place with offers of activities covering all age groups from toddlers to teens, so the young generation could be introduced to the culturally historical object – the open air stage of Melluzi – and get the feeling of spending a quality time there.
  • Special fan tent to be open in Riga for duration of EURO 2012
    11.06.2012 | 
    The Latvian Football Federation (LFF), in cooperation with ''Carlsberg'', will unveil a special fan tent outside the Riga Congress Building, which will open for the duration of EURO 2012, LETA was informed by spokeswoman for Latvian brewery ''Aldaris'' Laura Krastina.