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12.09.2011 -The Baltic News Network portal Good year forecast for business tourism in Latvia

Tourism industry dropped dramatically in 2009, while this year its turnover has spiked 35%. This allows to claim that tourism industry has been stabilising and 2011 will round up as a successful year, Irena...

07.09.2011 "Laima" ice cream with black balsam and chocolate icing to be company's national ice cream

Joint-stock confectionery "Laima" has announced that the ice cream recipe with black balsam and icing ice has received the most votes and will be the company's national ice cream.

07.09.2011 Latvia's first satellite to be launched into orbit at end-2011 or beginning of 2012

Latvia's first satellite "Venta-1" will be launched into orbit with Indian carrier rocket at the end of this year or with Russian carrier rocket at the beginning of 2012.

07.09.2011 -Forbes Forbes includes Latvia in Top 10 list of unknown Adventure Travel Destinations

Tiny Latvia boasts some 350 miles of coastline. Near Jurmala, which claims to be the most popular seaside resort in the Baltic region, the dense forests of Kemeri National Park (pictured) are famous for...

05.09.2011 -Poezdka - Travel to Eastern Europe Latvia is booming of cemetery tourism

In the capital of Latvia, Riga manifested a rapid interest to the original tours of famous cemeteries.

01.09.2011 "Wizz Air" to launch flights from Riga to Eindhoven

On December 9, the Hungarian low-fare airline "Wizz Air" will start operating flights from International Airport Riga to Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.

01.09.2011 -LETA More mushrooms in Latvian forests this year

Thanks to favorable weather conditions this summer, there are much more mushrooms in Latvian forests this year.

01.09.2011 Narrow crooked streets of Riga

Riga– this is not only the capital of Latvia, the largest city in the country and largest port.

01.09.2011 -LETA British tourism blog praises restaurants in Riga

British tourism blog "Venere Travel Blog" has positively assessed the quality of cafes and restaurants in Riga and their featured Vegan and Vegetarian dishes.

01.09.2011 Riga is going to take you away to the magical world of arts and dreams this autumn

Rigais sparkling form cultural events, arts and parties.