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02.08.2011 Lunch with a view of the city or sunset over the sea

It might have the best chef in the kitchen, interior created by a fashionable architect, or a jazz pianist and improvisational virtuoso – every restaurant or bar will claim that it is unique, and...

02.08.2011 Riga – the cheapest weekend getaway

Riga was the cheapest weekend getaway this spring, according to a study “City Costs Barometer 2011”, carried out by Great Britain’s Post Office.

02.08.2011 Latvia – the sixth safest tourism destination

Latvia is the sixth safest tourism destination, according to the list of top 10 safest tourism destinations, compiled by the experts of the Russian business media company RBC. The experts praise the golden...

26.07.2011 Best butter, kefir and curds producers to be determined at "Riga Food" exhibit

To determine the best butter, kefir and curds produced in Latvia, a competition will be organized for these products during the international exhibition "Riga Food" in September, the business...

21.07.2011 BusinessInsider.com Declared Riga as One of the TOP 5 European Cities for Summer Travel

The USA business news web-site, BusinessInsider.com, declared Riga, the capital of Latvia, as one of the five most attractive European cities for summer travels. Riga was given the distinction along with...

18.07.2011 "Baltic Pearl" to screen outstanding films from recent years

The international film festival "Baltic Pearl" will take place in Riga in September. This year's program will include both the most outstanding films from 2010 and 2011, that have excited...

18.07.2011 Riga included in Top 5 European cities for summer travel

Business Insider included Latvian capital in a list of five best European cities to enjoy summer holidays thanks to nice atmosphere, affordable prices, pleasant terraces and proximity of the seaside.

11.07.2011 Latvia turns Soviet military past into tourist draw

Bouncing along a dirt track in the middle of Latvia in the back of an old Soviet army truck, breathing a heady mixture of petrol fumes and dust, might not be everyone's idea of fun. But Edgars...

11.07.2011 Several temperature records broken in Latvia Saturday

Several temperature records were broken in Latvia last weekend, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center informed LETA.

11.07.2011 First chanterelles and bilberries on sale at Riga Central Market

Today at Riga Central Market shoppers are able to buy this year's first chanterelles and bilberries, "Nozare.lv" was informed by representatives of Riga municipal joint-stock company "...