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30.06.2011 TNT Magazine proposes visiting Riga for cultural values

The TNT Magazine recommends visiting Latvia and its capital Riga to view the country’s beauty, cuisine which is worth to taste and savour, and get acquainted with its spectacular arts scene....

28.06.2011 "airBaltic" congratulates its 1,000,000th passenger

RIGA, June 20 (LETA) - Today, the Latvian national airline "airBaltic" congratulated its customer Zane Jaunbelzeja, who purchased the 1,000,000th flight ticket this year on the airline's...

28.06.2011 Nearly one-third of Latvian Janis' are shareholders or board members of companies

RIGA, June 20 (NOZARE.LV) - 57,681 persons in Latvia are named Janis, and 20,962 of them are shareholders or board members in various companies, according to the Registry of Enterprises "Lursoft"...

28.06.2011 International Airport "Riga" reaches new passenger record

RIGA, June 21 (NOZARE.LV) - The state-owned International Airport "Riga" serviced 20,250 passengers on June 17, which was a new record of passengers serviced per day, "Nozare.lv" was...

28.06.2011 World's longest "shashlik" grilled in Latvia

RIGA, June 21 (LETA) - During a Midsummer holiday preview event at the fashion and entertainment center "Riga Plaza" on weekend, the world's longest "shashlik" was cooked, LETA was...

20.06.2011 A night in a former Latvian prison – one of the 10 craziest moments of a CNNGo TV travel show host

Julia Dimon, a longtime travel writer and co-host of “World Travels”, a 40-episode TV series currently airing on National Geographic...

16.06.2011 Water temperature in Gulf of Riga reaches 21 degrees Celsius

This morning, the water temperature in the Gulf of Riga at Salacgriva increased to 21 degrees Celsius, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center.

16.06.2011 -Travel news from Agrophilia Latvia Searching for the Legendary Fern Blossom

If you ever needed a reason to visit Latvia, it doesn’t get more authentic than this: every Summer Solstice, Latvia is searching for the legendary fern blossom (Papardes zieds), in a pagan festival...

16.06.2011 -Regal Wings’ expert Riga included in top 10 summer destinations in Europe

European cities have a colonial charm about them. They are reminiscent of the Victorian era and are ideal destinations for the summer break.

16.06.2011 -LETA James Blunt to perform concert in Riga in September

At the end of September, British singer James Blunt will perform a concert in Riga.