Around Ķemeri national Park


Season April-October, recommended during the summer

Length Ap 80 km.

Duration ~ 8 h (bez objektu apskates)

Type of bike Mountain bike, particularly for the latter half of the route from the Smārde saloon

Difficulty Medium in two days, comparatively hard in one

Road cover Gravel and earthen roads for about half the distance

Beginning Ķemeri railway station, where there is a free car park

End Ķemeri railway station

Route Ķemeri – Jaunķemeri – Bigauņciems – Lapmežciems – Ragaciems – Klapkalnciems (via the forest route between the P 128 road and Lake Kaņieris) – part of the Lustužkalns Circle bike route – „Valguma pasaule” – Smārde – the Dunduri meadows – the Krāči hills – Kūdra - Ķemeri

Markings The Lustužkalns Circle bike route is marked with orange markings, and part of it coincides with this route

Alternatives You can travel the route in the opposite direction. In Ķemeri you can return by train from Smārde or Kūdra to avoid the most difficult part of the route, between Kūdra and Ķemeri.

Distance from Rīga 45 km

Logistics Circular route, returning where it started

Note! The A 10 highway between Rīga and Ventspils is inappropriate for biking, because it is narrow, of poor quality and with intensive traffic, particularly in the area between Sloka, Kūdra and Smārde. Some parts of this route are difficult. There is a peat cement factory nearby, and that means that there can be glass and other sharp objects on some parts of the route – watch out! During the tourism season, travel along the Jūrmala-Tukums highway is not recommended, because there will be kilometres of parked cars along the way. This is the so-called Slow Mile, and you are advised to take the forest par thereof. Watch your bike and equipment always. You must be responsible for your own safety and that of your children when you travel the route.


This tour info is provided by rural tourism association "Lauku ceļotājs"   www.celotajs.lv

Included sights

  • Not far from Jūrmala, the most popular resort in the Baltic Region, Ķemeri National Park is located – the “Natura 2000” territory...
    Engure district, Smārdes pagasts, Lapmežciema pagasts
  • Ķemeri Hotel is a masterpiece of the architect E. Laube (1936). Previously it was a sanatorium with a very wide range of resort and medical...
    Tukuma iela 32, Jūrmala, Ķemeri, LV-2012
  • A building in the style of national Romanticism in Latvia. The restaurant “Merry Mosquitoes”, with a vast open-air terrace and a fire-...
    Jūrmala, Ķemeri, Meža māja, LV-2012
  • Lapmežciems Region Museum started its operation in 1999.
    Liepu iela 4, Engure district, Lapmežciems parish, Lielvārde, Lapmežciems, LV-3118
  • The Slow Mile – a route that is around 6 km in length and is quite isolated, it stretches between Ragaciems and Klapkalnciems. Robbers used...
    Engure district, Lapmežciems parish
  • The Kemeri railroad station dates back to 1877, when the rail line was opened. A train from Moscow travelled to Ķemeri for awhile, and until 1920,...
    Jūrmala, Ķemeri, Ķemeru dzelzceļa stacijas ēka
  • The Roman Catholic Church of St John the Baptist (Sēravotu Str. 10) was built in wood and in the style of Historicism in 1899 and is the newest...
    Sēravotu iela 10, Jūrmala, Ķemeri, LV-2012
  • The Ķemeri water tower was built in 1929 and used to be a reservoir for drinking and mineral water. Until World War II, there was a viewing...
  • The Ragaciems Fish Market sells smoked fish
    Selgas iela 1a, Engure district, Lapmežciems parish, Ragaciems, LV-3118
  • Cape Ragaciems – a promontory from the western shore of the Bay of Rīga which ends with a shallow and rocky submarine shallows reaching...
    Engure district, Lapmežciems parish
  • Lustužkalns Hill (72 m ASL). A hunting castle owned by Livonian Order master Walther von Plettenberg was located here in the 16 century. During the...
    Engure district, Smārde parish
  • Lake Valgums is 3 km long and 27 m deep, and it dates back to the last Ice Age.
    Engure district, Smārde parish, Valguma pasaule, 3129
  • This barrow is on the western side of the Dunduri meadows and was built on the parking lot of the former collective farm.
    Tukums district, Slampe parish
  • Krāču kalni
    The Krāču hills (Krāckalni) are a series of wavy hillocks dating back to the Litorine Sea. There is a lovely view of Lake Lilijas from here.
    Jelgava district, Valgunde parish
  • Saules ceplis
    Smārde is a small populated area with a railroad station and a store. Major events occurred in this region during World War I.
    Engure district, Smārde parish, Milzkalne, LV-3129
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