Deer garden, Vienkoči


The Allaži Nature Trails  can be found most easily by driving through Sigulda – they are 8 km outside the town (a small part of the route is on unpaved roads). The nature trails are part of a reserve on the ancient shore of the Baltic Ice Lake. Karst sinkholes and other natural phenomena can be observed here.

20 km outside Sigulda along an unpaved road, you’ll reach the Saulstari deer safari park. The 170-hectare park is home to over 300 animals: red, fallow and white deer, and wild boar. Visitors can help feed the deer and find out more about them.

Heading towards Līgatne, you’ll reach Vienkoči Park. The park is an unusual woodcraft museum with sculptures and other art objects, created from single pieces of wood by an ancient method, placed along its unspoilt nature trails. The brave can even cross the pond on a log raft. The park also offers evening excursions by torchlight.

The perfect spot to end the day is the Līgatne Rehabilitation Centre, where the tired can indulge in some health and beauty treatments, while those still feeling active can enjoy the scenery on foot, bicycle or try out Nordic walking with poles. You can also venture into the rehabilitation centre cellar to look at a Soviet-period top-secret bunker. You can spend the whole day at the rehabilitation centre, whose inclusion in the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2011 book proves you will not be bored.

Included sights

  • The basic concept of Vienkoči Park is based on popularising single-piece wooden crafts and log-boat products; the development idea of the park is...
    Līgatne parish, "Vienkoči" , LV-4108
  • Safari park More is a garden of wild animals where fallow-deer and Europe stag (white and red deer) are being bred in the territory of 170 ha, in...
    Sigulda district, More parish , "Saulstari", LV-2170
  • Allaži nature trails invite you to enjoy splendor of nature of Allaži with many interesting sights of attraction, the most peculiar and beautiful...
    Sigulda district, Allaži parish , Allaži
Last updated: 25.11.2011