Jurmala on foot


The city of Jūrmala, easily reached in only 20 minutes, stretches along the coast for 32 kilometres, but Majori has always been the heart of the city and holidaymakers’ favourite spot. The Jūrmala Museum is also located here, providing information on the cultural history of the town and resort since tsarist Russia times. The laid-back, unpretentious atmosphere of Majori is best experienced on Jomas iela, visiting souvenir shops, having lunch or enjoying a cappuccino at one of the many cafes.

The area’s wood architecture – on Lienes, Viktorijas and Konkordijas iela in particular – tells the most vibrant tales of Jūrmala’s residents and guests. Both the restored historical villas and contemporary buildings range from models of sophisticated elegance to boundless flights of fancy. However, the tranquil Gulf of Riga remains Jūrmala’s greatest treasure. After a refreshing dip in the sea on a summer or early autumn afternoon, you can await the amber-coloured sunset with a picnic, while in winter, a crisp walk can be followed by relaxing at one of the modern Jūrmala spa centres. If visiting Jūrmala during the summer, it’s worth checking out the event schedule at the Dzintarl Concert Hall – several international festivals and concerts take place here every year. Families should definitely visit the Līvu Aquapark, the biggest water park in the Baltics.

Jūrmala can be reached by the Riga-Jūrmala bike path, on the New Way ferry, by minibus, train (www.ldz.lv) or bus (www.autoosta.lv).

Included sights

  • Museum collection contains many pieces telling visitors about life in the health resort from the end of the 19th century until today, the largest...
    Tirgoņu iela 29, Jūrmala, Majori, LV- 2015
  • Jomas iela has become a particular visiting card of the city, the main pedestrian street in Jūrmala, where one can look at others and show oneself...
    Jomas iela , Jūrmala, Majori
  • Livu Aquapark is the biggest covered multi-functional water park in the Baltics and Eastern Europe with the total inside area of 11 500 m2.
    Viestura iela 24, Jūrmala, Lielupe, LV-2010
Last updated: 15.11.2011