Mysterious Zemgale


Dobele is located 70 km from Riga. Several reasons make stopping at this small Zemgale town worthwhile. Firstly, the romantic Livonian Order castle ruins, which you can roam in the company of an elegant maid of honour. Secondly, Dobele is home to Europe’s largest lilac garden with over 130 lilac varieties – words cannot describe the fragrance in the air in late May! During other times of the year, visitors are welcome to taste and fill their own baskets with sweet cherries and raspberries, or to sample and purchase apples and pears. Thirdly, you can drop in at the Dobele Crafts House, where visitors can take part in creative workshops and find out about ancient Latvian crafts – weaving, wattling, knitting and many more.

14 km along unpaved roads towards Auce lies the Pokaiņi Forest. Its mysterious stone rivers, mounds and ramparts have been made famous by legends mentioning ancient holy sites and inexplicable occurrences. Explore the walking trail with informative signposts, but a guide will give you the full story. 30 km further towards Tukums, you’ll reach Jaunpils Castle. This Livonian Order fortress offers it guests medieval-themed excursions, eerie ghost stories and a unique culinary experience, with cuisine based on medieval recipes.

You will need a car to travel the full route, but Dobele can also be reached by minibus or bus (www.autoosta.lv).

Included sights

  • Pokaiņi Forest is an ancient, exceptionally powerful holy site with stone piles of various magnitude. It is a place of yet undiscovered secrets and...
    Dobele district, Naudīte parish, Pokaiņi, LV-3724
  • Jaunpils Castle is one of the few medieval castles which has retained its original appearance. Jaunpils Castle was built in 1301 as a fortress of...
    Pils Pils, Jaunpils district, Jaunpils parish, Jaunpils, LV-3145
  • The Livonian Order's stone castle is the oldest building in Dobele, and a national scale architectural monument. It was built on the site of an...
    Tērvetes iela, Dobele district, Dobele, LV-3701
  • The museum offers to learn about the work and personality of the horticulturist and breeder Peteris Upitis (1896 - 1976).The exposition is...
    Graudu iela 1, Dobele district, Dobele, LV-3701
Last updated: 16.11.2011