Natural scenery in the Līgatne area


The Līgatne Nature Trails are conveniently located near the town of Līgatne, 70 km from Riga. They are a must-see for any true nature lover. The 5 km-long nature trails are a showcase of typically Latvian natural scenery and feature an open-air zoo where wild animals and birds native to Latvia live in their natural habitat. Līgatne’s horse breeders also offer horse rides here. Līgatne and its surrounding area are home to the largest concentration of sandstone rocks and artificial caves in Latvia – 333 caves altogether! In times gone by, local residents created them as cellars for storing food for the winter – the countless labyrinths of caves can still be seen today. We recommend doing this in the company of a local guide – it’s not hard to get lost here.

The most striking sandstone outcrop in the area is Zvārtes rock on the banks of the Amata River. From the top, you’ll have a superb view of the swift river and the cliffs along its shores – this is one of Latvia’s best-known natural landscapes.

The Līgatne Paper Mill, on the other hand, is the oldest operating paper manufacturer in Latvia. In its beginnings, the factory relied on a watermill, still in operation today, and factory visitors can see the paper manufacturing process with their own eyes.

You will need a car to travel the full route, but Līgatne can also be reached by train (www.ldz.lv) or bus (www.autoosta.lv).

Included sights

  • On the banks of the Gauja River, among the woodland crossed with ravines, there are more than 5 km of trails where you can watch wild animals and...
    Līgatne district, Līgatne, LV-4110
  • The Zvārte Rock is one of the most spectacular outcrops of Devon rock formations in Latvia, set in the territory of the Gauja National Park.
    Amata district, Drabeši parish, LV-4139
Last updated: 15.06.2012