For Seniors

Latvia offers a rich cultural life, scenic nature, fascinating architecture and much more to Senior travellers.

Temperate climate

Latvia enjoys a pleasant moderate climate, which is suitable both for nature excursions and for those who love a stroll downtown. Senior travellers can take short walks along the marvellous Latvian seaside or explore Riga's Quiet Centre, which is renowned for its flamboyant Jugendstil Art heritage. One can stroll through Old Town and relax at any one of the numerous cafes, enjoy a glass of wine or some coffee and the renowned Riga Black Balsam. The reasonable prices and good quality in Latvia will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Even at the height of the tourist season the centre of Riga is free of maddening crowds that always get in one's way. There will always be a free seat in a pub, but at the same time the place is full of cheerful bustle.

High value culture and art

Every evening during the season, the National Opera House which is in the centre of Riga offers a high standard of performance. The National Museum of Art, the Open Air Museum, the War Museum and other museums all feature Latvia's culture and art. Old Riga galleries and street markets offer the wonderful handcrafts of artisans – amber and silver jewellery, pottery, linen.

Magic beyond Riga

Excursions beyond Riga provide an opportunity to visit numerous castles of historic and architectural importance – the Rundāle Palace, a true pearl of the Baroque and Rococo, the mediaeval knights' castle at Cēsis, Ēdole castle, and others. Special tourist buses with foreign language speaking guides will take you on a tour through Riga and to the most exciting sights in the vicinity of the capital city. These buses also accommodate people with special needs. 

Comprehensive information on tourism opportunities in Latvia is available on the info line 1188 in both English and Russian languages.


On the whole, Latvia is a safe country, and Riga employs a specially trained Tourist Police force. In case of health problems, our medical staff is capable of providing professionally qualified assistance. What's more, Latvia's typically maritime climate is well suited for improving health in a spa or at a resort clinic.