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Aizkraukle Castle Mound

Aizkraukle Castle Mound stands on the right bank of the River Daugava, downstream the Aizkraukle Church. The Castle Mound is  located on a hill parallel to the Daugava and rising 40 m over the level of the river.

The top of castle mound has been divided in two by a wide and deep ditch. Ramparts have been erected at both ends of the castle mound's flat surface, but the slopes have been made steeper with the help of terraces. The largest part of the flat hilltop is circled by remains of a fieldstone wall. Between the castle mound and the Daugava there lies the ancient town of Aizkraukle with the ruins of a stone church of the 13th – 17th century, and a cemetery.

Near the castle mound there are two ancient burial grounds.

In archeological excavations (1971-1976, lead by V. Urtāns) it was found that the earliest artefacts date back to the 1st millennium BC, but the stone wall was build in the early 13th century. Aizkraukle and the name of the elder of the Aizkraukle castle, Vievaldis (Viewaldus) have been repeatedly mentioned in the 13th century written sources. The Aizkraukle wooden castle was burnt down by Crusaders in 1205.

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