Aizvīķi Forest Park

Aizvīķi Forest Park is beautiful and interesting in all seasons. The park was planted in the late 1880s as the Aizvīķi manor-house park. Alongside local species of trees, it also has exotic species, such as shellbark hickory, corkwood, walnut and many others.

  • Aizvīķu meža parka skulptūras
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC
  • Aizvīķu meža parks
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC
  • Meža parka norādes
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC
  • Koka skulptūras
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC

This is an excellent place for a family with children to have a walk, as apart from picturesque sceneries created by Mother Nature herself, the park also offers a number of man-made carved fairy-tale images and characters telling tales from the history of Aizvīķi. A very interesting natural phenomenon is observed during stormy ghostly nights, but there is a its own true tale about it…

More than a hundred years ago, trees that have just reached maturity were planted on the land at the Aizvīķi Hills, which belonged to Baron Korf and were inappropriate for agriculture. There is such a time when a park, similarly to a person at the end of his life, is subject to all sorts of troubles. Then, on a stormy and snowy night, when winds howl like wolves, decaying trees fall cracking to the ground.

And hollows of old trees give shelter to living creatures – owls, small birds and forest bees that you will rarely see anywhere else.

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    • Latvian
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  • Free parking
Last updated: 01.09.2014